Adopt a Bus

This ministry provides services on a weekly basis for members and visitors that don't have reliable transportation, so that they can attend our services, special events, and reach outs on a consistent and timely manner.
“A service of Compassion"

Each time a bus stops at a child’s home, an act of compassion happens. And it happens week after week, throughout the year as we transport at-risk children and adults in need to life-impacting programs and events. The reach of these programs and events is extended by providing a ride to those who can’t come on their own. A properly licensed driver and one or more trained workers, called “Bus Captains”, ensure a safe trip from home and back. Adopt a Bus is a service of compassion for children and adults alike.

Monetary donations are used to purchase, maintain and fuel vehicles (buses or vans), pay a stipend to professional bus drivers who are driving after their workday, and pay for promotional materials.

Your Support
Adopt a Bus gives a lift to children and adults who otherwise might be left out. They, in turn, often reach out to their families and friends with the same love that has been shown to them.
Keep the wheels rolling with your gift of any amount. Thank you!
Serving your community for more than 25 years.