GHH Hope Program

The GHH Hope Program represents services above and beyond the primary function of each GHH division.  Services are extended to insure GHH makes every possible effort to meet the needs of individuals and families in need. Businesses become Hope Partners through their financial contributions, donations of goods or services in kind, or by actively promoting the programs of GHH Ministries to their clients.  
Be a servant to your community by partnering with GHH Ministries.
Offer your monetary donations or goods and services to those in need.
Examples of the GHH Hope Program are:
• The Hacienda (through the GHH Hope Program) offers the services of its students to serve manpower needs for Circle of Care Food Banks, numerous community outreach efforts and city functions requiring voluntary manpower.
• As part of the GHH Hope Program, GHH Thrift Stores extend beyond their retail function by responding to referrals from the Red Cross, women’s shelters, family resource centers, probation & parole offices to donate furniture, clothing and household necessities to families recovering from disaster; women rebuilding their lives after fleeing domestic violence; families or individuals re-establishing after a period of homelessness, and those seeking a new beginning after incarceration.
• In addition to providing vehicles at a fair market value for purchase to the general public, Donation Station (through the GHH Hope Program) offers vehicles to low income families & individuals at a discount of 50% (or more) below market value. These buyers are offered instruction to insure they understand proper maintenance schedules; how to check oil, radiator, battery & tire pressure levels, etc.
• Our Hope Partners from the business community offer monetary donations to specific GHH Ministries (such as Circle of Care Food Banks to purchase food); free or reduced price services (such as eye exams & glasses to men in The Hacienda program); donation of goods in kind (such as a car dealership donating trade-in vehicles to Donation Station), or promotional efforts (such as a furniture store handing out flyers to their customers encouraging donations to GHH Thrift Stores).
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